Wrist Scars
I look at them. The wrist scars.
And I can't believe I went that far.
Things were not going right that day.
Everything was wrong in everyway.
It was too much. I couldn't take it.
So I took a blade and watched my skin split.
I did it to both wrist, both wrist were scared.
It was quick. It wasn't hard.
I felt a lot of pain so I took some pills.
Soon after that I felt very ill.
I was getting tired and I felt very weak.
I was dripping blood like a runny leak.
My breath was getting shorter, I felt real tired.
I knew that soon my life would expire.
I closed my eyes then opened them. I was awake?
What went wrong? Did I make a mistake?
I was in the hospital lying on the bed.
I guess they got to me fast because I wasn't dead.
But I was tied to the bed. Tied to some bars.
Now I'll have to live with them, the wrist scars.