The eyes of sorrow strongly stare onto me
Its glance is locked and wont let me be free
Depression wants me and wont let me feel
Has me chained and bounded and conceals
All good I hope to lift love high above
Will not be foreseen for misery will shove
My spirits down, my eyes are drowned
Hearts sweetly sing and I can not hear their sound
Reward for my mourning, wanting my heart’s death
Scream for help and a slight feeling of breath
Air that flows within heart, and shines apart
Melancholy tearing at my soul wanting my heart
The gray dreary sorrow that wants me distressed
Deep depressed heart seeks out its only quest
To shine brighter then the sun and be filled
And mind will shine and soul can build
As hope may arise, it falls fast from sight
Sadden sorrow soars through me and keeps me tight
Beaten and bare I fight, for love will be felt
Till deep sleep, I will loosen away from sorrow’s belt

written 03-26-04