Waiting For
I sit so still and wait for the day
When soulís sorrow can fade away
When heartís darkness becomes light
And eyes of love will shine so bright
Have high hopes that are will be filled
Too much of my madness of sadness builds
Time is my enemy and has me to its back
Love I hope to have but so deeply lack
Wait for great fate of heart to be true
To hold onto strong love, I wish to do
Search in deep to find the awry
A quest for soul for half heart will cry
Inner self reflects good and love
Eyes run wild to find heart from above
Scared is true and weary I become
Fake and empty hearts, time has sent some
Knowledge o real passion, reveals the empty face
Heart of mind knows loveís rightful place
So still I stay and wait for anew love to send
Love real and true that will have no end

written 11-17-03