Turn The Page
I turn the page with high rage in retrospect I regret
Memories of arduous effort left deaf heart in deep dept
Task after task for a mask of empty love above dirt
Alarm the harm hums before and after the hinted hurt

I turn the page for the age of love now so cold and old
Structure built solid and strong now folds and rots mold
Tries around the wheel to feel no rotation back in heart
Attempts for the great, one sided love, rose petals fall apart

I turn the page for the wage I wallow, too rich for the ditch
Red treasure of love so strong not wanted, the tear I stitch
No grip in your grasp, cheap efforts donít last and leave awry
Heart of mine breaths a sigh, rain flows down for love cries

I turn the page for the stage of your love has bold fiction told
Words of color weigh the mood of loveís feud to a heavy load
Great pain makes insane no words of true love I hear out loud
Anchor down all around hopes to float bright love above clouds

I turn the page for the cage is now open to release loveís raptor
Heart now heals with hope high for now it is a new chapter
Proud of my faded architect, your memories stay fierce in front
Lessons learned I turn the page, ready I am for loveís next hunt

written 05-01-2009