To Hold
Finally found a new love to hold
Tightly together true hearts unfold
Warm words of love welcomely told
Standing strong and still, our love shines bold
Time turns to pass and still we hold
In our eyes shines so strong the code
In love are we. Its time to explode
Let love scream loud, let it be told
For a new passion I now have to hold
Heavy hope holds our hearts' heavy load
Such strong a love heart has been sold
Heat from hearts had our backs on cold
Found in soul, shimmers so bright and bold
Firmly squeezing the one I love to hold
Love seen in future, faith lets it be told
Deep in love its waters build up load
Love freely felt forever would always unfold
As time passes on and life grows old
Such strength in sight it can't be slowed
For I won't let go of the one I hold