I stood in shock as I just realize.
That in the near future I will meet my demise.
Soon my fate will end my memories will fade.
I wish that someone would come to my aide.
I will no longer be amongst the living.
I need so much help but no one is giving.
Soon I will be beneath the dirt.
I guess it is a release from all the hurt.
My life will soon cease to exist.
When the last drop flows out my wrist.
Weakness overcomes me and I hit the floor.
Soon I am going to be no more.
No one will see me or feel me.
No one did before that's the reality.
I was invisible, I wasn't there.
No one will miss me on one will care.
Soon I am going to be nothing just like before.
Alive I will not be anymore.
My chest rises one last time. My eyes close.
Soon I will be gone for the blood in my wrists no longer flows.