Sad Showing A Smile
I'm sad showing a smile
It's been like that for quite awhile
I'm mad but you see a grin
What I feel I keep hidden
I cry but you here laughter
It 's like that before and after
I am cold inside but my skin is warm
I'm not alright, I feel so torn
I'm depressed but you see rejoicing
The smiles on my face I am forcing
I'm alone but in a crowd
My screams I don't say aloud
I'm weak but you see me as strong
I can't believe you can see what's wrong
I'm scared but you see me as brave
These feelings I have, might send me to the grave
I'm full of sorrow showing elation
You not realizing it, brings me aggravation
I'm aching but you don't see me braking
These feelings of mine, you might be making