Repetitive Mourning
Monotonous mourning makes my heart weak
Death to words of heart that cant speak
Silenced of love lingers in blackness afraid
Lightness of sorrowed soul quickly fades
Reiterate the gray flood of my craving eyes
Memories of the pale moons when hope dies
Much force in me shines strong a silver lining
Other half lingers in darkness with out shinning
Past joys remembered all fall fast from sight
Aware of truth they lacked, hearts seen no light
Retrospect my architect that leads to regret
My wanting heart is in first for my only threat
Again I lay in damp dirt defeated by pain
Over my eyes will be flooded deep in rain
Too many have occurred and left me in blur
Enormous drop of hope in love now occurs
A quest of love in my thoughts are now drought
Empty faith, the sorrow I have now stands about
Too beaten and tired my heart falls deep
Repetitive sadness forces me into silent sleep

written 06-06-05