Refeat Offender
Repeat offender my heart is tender, I walk forward blind
Trip and fumble, heart song is mumbled, I still try to find
Search for heart of love that remains past time and fills me
Faded hearts in front change faces too fast, so hard to see
Set up to descend down dark deep, alone is fault of my own
Repeat offender mind is the defender but heart goes for stone
Scream so mean at my heart to be brave and crave love strong
Blurry eyes but bold bright love in me overlooks the wrong
Tears for a smile, a hand for a back, I track the vile
Recycle heart brakes I take and add to my growing pile
Repeat offender I need to render my heart a true hope
Excuses made, your wounds I aid, sit I stay wrapped in rope
No reflection of my heavy heart in your eyes I do not see
Exist I do not, quest will not rest till hearts fall to one knee
Lifeís focused purpose to feel real and wanted rose words
Challenges I welcome, hope replaced by the ache reoccurred
Repeat offender I surrender heart so weak and wallow I die
I slice and raise the price for I know heart will soon sigh
In a circle I chase my heartís goal to be whole and have love
Repeat I try to beat and continue till hearts hold high above

written 05-03-2009