Past Love of Heart
Love from a past heart I thought did end
In sight of past love, and heart shines bright again
Past words from past love had brought sorrow
But new feelings of action brings hope for tomorrow
True feelings once felt strong I did hide
Love of past heart brings emotions by close side
So near are we now felt love through skin
Hand in hand I feel past love within
Makes soul shake strong and now heart runs scared
Will past repeat itself has me feeling fast fear
Past love of heart softly rests head on me
Body shivers once more in such ecstasy
I kiss so soft the hand of past love of heart
I hold on high strength. I don t want to brake apart
Such love of past heart has risen so strong
So scared of heart again feeling much wrong
Should I try a new chance to be wit you
Give my heart so scared and wanting too
For now I breath a sigh and sit stillto wait
To see sign ofpast love with love will be great