Opened Arms Await Dark Fate
Danger brings anger for it is welcomed with open arms
Soft heart at fault since it quickly shields the alarm
Yield the shield even though darkness is bright
Feel the real heart with no love must see what's right
Suns and moons away back with black truth upfront
Self blinded, cloud minded, heart goes forth with the hunt
Reasons speaks treason against strong love within
Life's old goal to gain heart of love I try to win
Attempts made to makes smiles fade into dead piles
Fight to not drop empty tears and make truth vile
Several exhausted tries versus wet hollow words of lies
When the moon peaks shattered heart leaks and dies
Awake for the sake of goal thoughts of love are made
Trade genuine attempts for forsaken failures that fade
Battle self-thoughts to find truth to follow a new road
One soft word from wanted love and my heart explodes
Ponder with high hopes for a wish above all to fall down
Shouldn't wait that's heart's mistake but I shall linger around
Opened arms await dark fate for great love until death
Goal to hold love I feel can grow; I wait till last breath