My Flower
Immense strength and hope lingers in my seed
The light to find, the sun I need to feed
Growth at a pause from the cause of dark
Love of the sun has not left its mark
Deep sturdy love in stem needs to rise,
So many attempts so many tries
So strong soulful roots ready to stretch
Cased in its empty heart for no shine is fetched
Petals fight to reach all lengths of heart
Wants to hold so tight, light needs to start
Drought holds me down and encloses my love
Aspiration to rise, ambition to grow above
Fight throughout the day to reach for life
Light gives me strength, dark brings me strife
Growing more sorrow, losing much light
Suns pass by, my heart hopes to be bright
All light fades away, gray shades my soul
My flower remains a seed never allowed to grow
Light of sun become my savior and shine onto me
Let me blossom brightly, set my heart free

written 06-12-04