Maintain Motion
Ahead I jump the hump of my cycle I despise
My true thoughts and beaten beats try to revise
Decipher the trigger where I failed to lead
Wanting strong maybe the wrong love is my greed
Maintain melancholy motion in the direction of my find
Depressed drips of damp desires darken heartís mind
Seek the location of lingered light that's bright bold
Hope quest quiches my ears to not fear rose words untold
Beat my own force, no remorse remembered I must maintain
Failed attempts brighten my goal the greatest gain
Forward I force to forget moons of heartís sadden shell
Dialogue of truth in dual hearts of love I wish to tell
Battles of thoughts that brought madness to my mind
New true love above all I fall for faithís fierce find
Move I make my might's height over shadow grey
Imagine on high the emotion I hope to float my way
I ring to sing soft sweet heart of love full of heat
Still I am, in front of true love I fall to my feet
Day I circled now in present this hour owns the power
My waiting heart falls apart to blossom into loves flower

August 18, 2007