What is love? How does it feel?
Love is what makes you feel real
Makes you feel strong and alive
And when you down Love is what makes you survive
Itís the feeling you get when you all alone
And crowded thoughts of your love one is shown
Makes your heart beat quick
Keeps your heart healthy, never sick
Makes you do the most dumbest things
Makes you fly high like you got wings
Love brings you into light of day
Shows you all is right in your life today
Makes soul shake so fast with life
Love is what hides you from strife
Makes you feel so good inside
Holds you up high and gives you so much pride
With love you see all things beautiful in sight
You feel all light of heart datís bright
Love makes you want to better yourself
Changes all bad and just leaves a positive self
Makes you thrive more, dive for more
Love fills the room from the ceiling to the floor
Love is the strongest the brightest the highest
Makes your heart brake though your chest
Feeling of love makes you dream when your awake
Makes mind twirl and your soul shake
Makes your body warm on the coldest day
Love is what takes all pain away
Love makes a whisper loud like a scream
Itís what make you bring up your self-esteem
Love is what makes you cry rivers of happiness
Love is what makes you live life to the fullest
The feeling of love makes you do so much things
But you have to find it so your heart can sing

written 06-01-03