Light Of My Candle
Feel its heat and starts my light
Its warmth shines through my darkest night
Keeps warm all emotions around
Love very near can be seen and found
Brights up life and keeps it burning strong
Needs the heat to continue or wont last long
Time passes by, still light shines
White light of love I feel as mines
Shimmering is so strong, the light is bright
Love still strong through the blackest night
Feel heat goes soft something seems awry
Light of my candle now breathes a sigh
Light starts to flicker room dimmers down
Heat of light slowly starts moving around
Begin to feel distance from heat of light
All feeling of love dimmers from sight
Emotions seem to fade and white goes gray
Heart will go dark if no light comes my way
All became dark and can't see light about
Love is gone; light of my candle is out