Laying On My Bed

Laying on my bed, wishing I was dead.
No one listens to the things I have said.
I tell people how I feel and they turn their heads.
Laying on my bed, hoping the pain within will end.
Tears come down again and again.
My life just hurts and bends.
Laying on my bed, wanting the saddness to go away.
The words I love you, no one will ever say.
The only thing I feel is lonliness every day.
Laying on my bed , my wrist turn red.
The pain doesn't compare to the pain in my head.
Now I know I'll soon be dead.
Laying on my bed, knowing the time is near.
I feel cold and wet due to the blood and tears.
Pretty soon I won't have no more fears.
Laying on my bed, I take my last breath.
Now I will be in eternal rest.
I close my eyes and there's nothing left.