I Want To Fall In Love
So sweet soul shivers when love is found
But no longer have it so soul hits the ground
Miss more then all, the feeling of heart
So long it has been, the memory fades apart
Time is my enemy as if fights my soul
It does not want my soft heart to grow
Heart so fast forgets how to feel
Mind so quick regrets being real
So many nights tears flood my sheets
High hopes that soon my heart will beat
Dream of love while eyes are open wide
Need to find love for itís not inside
Lack of love makes my body shiver
Mind is morning and memories quiver
The light of my soul is no longer shining
My heart is all gray with no silver lining
One single thought that sets me free
To find love so sadden sorrow can flee
I need that feeling when love is shared
Life will live in me when true love is here

written 06-02-03