I Thought Was True
At first was a friend but stronger love I did send
The true love for you made my sadness end
Then feelings you sent gave life to my soul
Such strong love I felt I no longer feel low
You were imbedded in my soul and engraved in my heart
I hoped on high to hold you and never brake apart
Crave to see you and feel you close
Addicted to your love I love you the most
Sweet emotions of heart slowly leave strong
Something went awry something feels wrong
My love of heart slowly fades away
I thought love was true that it was here to stay
Fast it was gone fast my heart dropped
Sorrow and sadness in my soul I wish would stop
I sit still in shook your words brake through
The anger you send but what did I do
I beg for forgiveness I want you so much
Love of heart backs away but your heart I want to touch
Thought love was true I wanted it to last
Now sweet love of my heart becomes a sadden past