In You I Feel It True
Real rose reflection of my sight in your sight
Throws sweet shivers through my mind at night
Eyes that gleam in light of love so strong in view
To blink a split simple second lost, I shall not do
Happiness shown through your smile makes a mile,
Worth of joy that destroys sad sorrow in my pile
The reaction level you express as I press heart's stamp
Makes me rise as your heart's love is my life's clamp
Sound I hear from heart of mine sings and rings,
Echoes past sight’s view as it flies high under wing
Wonderful whisper that shivers my filled soul to roll
Around with glee as it sets free my heart's goal
Proud words of pride you speak so soft to hear
Amazed so I praise full of content my heart cheers
Touch so soft love shines aloft where sight cannot see
Warmth around safe and sound makes dark depression flee
The tingle mingles as it conquests feelings all around
Heart drums a soft hum for loud love has been found
Fast feelings felt from love of mine shivers my soul
Dream is now here happy heart of love is now whole

Janurary, 14th 2008