Invasion of Persuasion
The level of invasion of persuasion I force upon my heart
Would shatter matter and makes walls fall apart
Layers of lies hide dark’s truth I try to fight
Eyes in blur for pain occurred lures the light
Perched I search the horizon of love is not so near
Desperate quests with no conquest my ears hear the fear
False hidden hope told, my mad monologue repeats
Fire scorches and torches burnt heart fights the heat
Silent praises as it raises the lack love tracks
Too many times I stood for love but I quickly fall back
Attack of makeshift truth to heal my painful wound
Wait so strong on love my eyes watch the pale moon
Shout about the out I let pour from my soars
Possible petals creep about so I search for more
Time when black truth can cease to lease my thoughts I wait
When white light that shines so bright my heart now great
Easy it is to give height where heart cannot reach
Words of heart I pray is my way which will be my only speech
Few white lies try to drip down deep into heart of love
Fight the grey, prepare I must for the time to sing high above

August 18, 2007