Lost of long love in depth deep down
Sorrow and tears for eyes have drown
Left all alone bare, broken, and bent
Blood in ears for harsh words you sent
Wounded in heart, ripped all apart
Needed your warmth and still you depart
Beaten by sadness, in the shadows I lay
Wallow in my scars for your heart did stray
Love of my heart runs toward new arms
Mind and soul of my lingers in harm
Beaten and bounded by pain, I ponder
Great love I gave, what new arms made you wander
Soar for more memories stream my morbid mind
End to my heart for a new love I wont find
One did shine so strong, no light can match
Wounds heal not, love from light is my only patch
Gloomy broken soul sleeps with sadden strife
Eyes open with out love, injured is my life

written 06-12-04