Hope To Script What We Are
Hope to script the tip of my filled heart and bring around
Speech of truthful rose petals that float out my sound
Noise I scream filled with gleam of sentences so sweet
Treat that skips a beautiful beat to make heartís life complete
Wish so strong and long days I wait with great fate I stay
Patient I breathe to speak the leak that pours my heart away
Thoughts too many overwhelm my mind it is time to find
A hug I can grab a hold I can feel to have heavy hearts combined
Text of next words must be seen make thoughts float around
Raise praised of touch and feelings felt so red eyes melt down
Adore for more then creativity in my heartís scenes that sigh
Type dead love of doves that donít fly they cry but donít try
To reach each wonder I plunder like thunder to own heart true
Fear is near and remains at side so I hide and find shelter in blue
Passing seconds I repeat the heat I wish to treat my soul to glow
Need to bring truth of love in sight and heart words will flow
Now it must be to share words that care and are beautiful bright
Greed for need of thoughts that brought sweet heart of might
Hope to speak sweet phrases that jump forward to horizons far
Real heart of love that day will come when I feel what we are

November 16th 2007.