High Hopes.
Hope so high with sighs on my difficult journey
Heart is exposed but protected by thoughtís attorney
Deep love tries to reach and expand for the land
The location of infatuation that pours from my hand
A place that can be seen and strong love will lean
For a wish of reflections of affection in eyes that gleam
Walk forward so strong, as ears search for the soft song
The sound that will make my scratched heart ring long
Strong imagination of soft touch of much deserved delight
Thoughts untrue plague my mind and defeat I strongly fight
Turn the wheel of love to me so I can reveal the surreal
Of high wishes of heartís senses so my soul can heal
Pain of past failure attempts will not own or chain me
Self taught strength requires my true heart to fly free
Sight passes as I search through the masses for loveís heart
Vigorous quest through various hopes that soon depart
Fall down I will not allow for how bright my heart will shine
Is worth a thousand aches and floods for my true home of mine
Place where I lay my lifeís worth is in the high hope for love
It is there where my lifeís meaning will fall from above