Heart Has To Hide
Much words of heart I need to share.
But the feelings of heart, I also fear.
Your eyes are away, my arms stretch wide
When I am in sight, I begin to hide.
Refrain from truth my task is hard.
Such emotion so deep I must try and guard.
Display my warmth with a mask around.
Urge to hold so tight is tied down.
My eyes that speak of truth must stay in shade.
Afraid of your heart for me might fade.
Bright lights of love I must hide the mark.
Confusion to live life of love has me dark.
Wish of signs of mirrored affection I hope.
Afraid of lost with you for I can not cope.
Joy all around you bring so strong.
Better then past suns that brought me wrong.
Shout so loud my heart craves to scream.
My light for you too scared to beam.
Hold on to you and yell my hearts desire.
Must remain in shadows until you acquire.

written 09-29-06