Dont Hide Me
Afraid all around all day and night
For reasons unknown it brings you fright
Stay away from feeling far inside
In the dark, emotions of heart you hide
Truth of love, too scared to show
Keep my heart in the dark, hidden very low
Down and deep love of me stays
Too afraid are you so I am kept away
Deny the truth and deny your heart
Too much hidden will brake u apart
Lack of truth brings tears so fast
Pain in heart how long will it last
Driven in depth down under form life
So much in shadows brings forth your strife
Two hearts will cry, two souls will die
You soon must shine our love so high
Donít hide what you feel in heart as right
Donít darken heart of love, when it can shine so bright
Away I stay and pray for the a way
When love of ours can see the light of day

written 11-17-03