Broken Mirror
Battle with inner self, war wit oneís feelings
To many times have come when I stare up at the ceiling,
And throw blows to know, love is not felt near
Too much madness in my heart, in my souls shines fear
So many times it seems alone I always be
So many times love is runs away from me
Is it my own heart that does not deserve
My soul that seems to only have hurt reserved
Errors with reflection causes infection
Plagues my mind and for myself there is no affection
My own fault causes a halt in my hollow heart
The reflection of me, I wish to tear apart
So much I crave to touch soft love one day
Inner self wont let me heart be given away
Strong harm blows down and brings my deep
Down in depth, flooded in tears I wept and always keep
Fight for light, but image of me brings sorrow in sight
No love will take second glace for I donít shine bright
Pain so hard makes my soul want to flee
Loath on high who I become to see
Broken and beat my heart is in such sore
I sink away as the pieces of heart fall to the floor

written 11-09-03