Blanket [my fav]
Too many nights I have spent so cold
Loud whispers of shivers my heart has told
Desire for warmth to cover my heartís pain
Wish for my blanket to shelter from sorrow's rain
Much cold I feel alone at night
Blanket arrive in my arms make my heart shine bright
Soft blanket of my heart cover me
Let me hold you feel the warmth from me
Cuddle so gentle passion so strong
Wrapped in my blanket I feel no wrong
Tight and firm I shall hold onto you
To let you go my heart will never do
Past loves did end and brought me fast fear
So shy am I but my love is here
I seem to hide but blanket it is true
Warmth in my heart has risen for you
Grip of love and warmth I give
Shelter from blanket helps my heart live
Blanket of mine I care so deep
In my arms my blanket I will always keep