Love I Thought
Long wait did I for sweet heart of love
Worth the sun sets for heart shines high above
Content with new life, so safe I now feel
Eyes bright with love, much effort to see its real
Fast racing, deep strong sighs, washes away grief
No darkness in thought, heart is in such relief
A pause in your words a twitch in your eye
Freezes my movement and heart breaths a sigh
Weak in your grip, so quick to loosen our twist
Not strong to rebalance I can not subsist
Breath has cease not form love but from hurt
Love so bright now falls deep down under dirt
Promise of good, but high hope soon darkens
Tight tuff coiled rope of our sweet love slackens
Thought process is lost , cant not find reason
So much was given yet great effort reacted treason
Pieces of me fall fast, wither in misdirection
Your sight first true, heart saw blurred reflection
Deeper the sore for more torn and worn I show
Thought was true love, truth loses my glow

written 06-04-05