All Alone Again
All alone again wishing it would end
Sweet love of heart I wish someone would send
Hope on high for someone to hold
How much longer can this sorrow unfold
No one around, joy drags deeply down
Voice of love seems to never make a sound
My eyes mirror so strong past sore
Highly crave a love, I cant take it no more
Through sun such sorrow, through moon I cried
To see light of love so much I have tried
No hearts of feelings are felt about
Emotions of sadness I wish were out
Much pain within my heart cries sorrow
Need not to be alone today not tomorrow
Wish to hold on high and comfort so strong
Hold tight love of heart, hold on so long
Beg on faith to send so quick love true
Hold of forever my love I shall do
All alone again so sad I just lay
To have love in my arms I wait and stay