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My Angel is about people having something crazy, harmful and even life treatening happen to them. They experience awful and deadly situations. We follow their stories through this bad time and once it is over, we go back to the begining and with the help of an "angel" they avoid the bad that we just saw them go through. With the help of a simple kind gesture from a stranger, their life can be saved. A small good deed does go a long way.

Episode 1 - Granny Crosses the Street:
Synopsis: Granny crosses the street with her groceries. Her bags brake and everything falls to the floor. As she is picking up her stuff, a group of kids are at the corner laughing at her. A man driving a speeding car comes in their direction. Granny's life changes and takes a turn for the worst.

Episode 2 - More Of A Man Then His Father:
Synopsis: Timmy struggles with his abusive drug dealer of a father. He finds himself in the middle of a battle. He is too scared of his father but has to help and defend his mother. His bravery leads him to running for his life.

Episode 3 - Lady With A Baby:
Synopsis: Maria struggles to raise her daughter on her own. She struggles to work and provide for her child. Stress and aggravation cloud her mind and she has makes a serious mistake.

Episode 4 - Lonely Boy:
Synopsis: Gabriel learns that his significant other has cheated on him. With his heart broken he drives away so he can clear his mind. His car brakes down and instead of getting help he gets into more trouble. A broken heart isn't the only pain he will endure tonight.

Holla... Aint No Stoppin Me
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©2007 Orlando Soto Jr.

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